CFH Clearing is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, providing institutional clients with multi-asset execution, Prime Brokerage services and trading technology. CFH was founded in 2008 and has since become one of the leading and most reputable STP Brokerage companies in the world.


CFH Clearing was formed by a group of industry experts with a vision and mission to provide clients with all the necessary trading tools and support to be successful in a very competitive market. We have developed our own technology, formed strong relationships with our Counterparties and have invested in talented people throughout the organisation. This has enabled CFH Clearing to deliver an unparalleled ‘end to end’ trading solution, award winning liquidity and excellent customer service for our clients. 


CFH Clearing is one of the top STP venues in the world with award winning liquidity and 1.5B USD in direct interbank credit lines. CFH connects to interbank liquidity partners with Jefferies and BNP Paribas as Prime Brokers.

A Partnership with the top banks in the world for foreign exchange trading allows our clients to trade with any of the liquidity providers listed in our liquidity panel either directly or via an omnibus margin account held at CFH Clearing as a Prime Broker.


true prime of prime services

Access the whole FX market through a strong partner.


trade with tier 1 banks


Connect to multiple sources

We provide institutional clients Prime Broker access to a diverse range of liquidity providers outside of our existing liquidity provision. 



Delivered over state of the art infrastructure

Low Latency

Low Latency

Secure, dedicated financial network providers for low latency connectivity.
Tier 1 Primary liquidity providers connect to CFH’s trading system over direct cross connects.



State of the art Data Centres, with colocation to Tier 1 Banks in London. CFH Clearing uses hosting services from Equinix’s LD4 location in Slough, London, placing our servers inside the market.

Global Connectivity

Global Connectivity

Low latency connection accessible from anywhere, 
including Zen Systems Prox Hub in Asia.


The Right People

Guarantees Experienced and Professional Service

CFH Clearing is dedicated to help Financial Institutions grow their business. Whether you are a money manager, an established bank,
or entrepreneur, CFH’s team of industry experts is ready to help you reach your goals. Our professional client services are available 24 hours a day to ensure you can run your business effectively.

CFH Team