Banks and Brokers

CFH Clearing provides multiple liquidity streams to (Buy Side) Banks and Brokers. With more than $1.5 Billion in Interbank credit lines, we connect to all Tier 1 banks globally and allow our clients to trade with those banks through their choice of Prime Broker or via a margin account held with CFH Clearing.

Banks and Brokers can connect to CFH Liquidity via multiple trading platforms, API’s and bridges. We understand that established Banks and Brokers may already have their own liquidity sources. Therefore, CFH Clearing works with our clients to compliment and enhance pricing, adding new products, and increasing depth of market, to optimise execution and revenue.

CFH Clearing can provide Banks and Brokers with our sophisticated ‘ClearVision’ technology suite, including; back-office system, risk management tools and liquidity control. Read more.