CFH Clearing provides products and services for

· Banks and Brokers
· White Label Partners
· Funds and Investment Managers
· Proprietary Traders
· Introducing Brokers and Business Partners

To trade with CFH Clearing, a client must qualify as a financial institution
or a professional trader. We do not wish to compete with our Broker Partners
and therefore do not directly accept retail clients.


Banks and Brokers

CFH Clearing provides multiple liquidity streams to (Buy Side) Banks and Brokers. With more than $1.5 Billion in Interbank credit lines, we connect to all Tier 1 banks globally and allow our clients to trade with those banks through their choice of Prime Broker or via a margin account held with CFH Clearing.

Banks and Brokers can connect to CFH Liquidity via multiple trading platforms, API’s and bridges. We understand that established Banks and Brokers may already have their own liquidity sources. Therefore, CFH Clearing works with our clients to compliment and enhance pricing, adding new products, and increasing depth of market, to optimise execution and revenue.

CFH Clearing can provide Banks and Brokers with our sophisticated ‘ClearVision’ technology suite, including; back-office system, risk management tools and liquidity control. Read more.


White Label Partners

Start your own Brokerage!
Grow Your business and revenue with CFH Clearing White Label Solution

CFH Clearing is a ‘one stop shop’ for White Label Partners, providing a full suite of Front to Back- end hosted trading solutions.
An easy and affordable way to start your own brokerage!

CFH Clearing offers a choice of fully branded trading platforms such as CFH Web, CFH Pro, Tradable, MT4/5 and Net Station. These platforms cover a diverse range of client types, from point and click proprietary dealers to algorithmic or chart trading clients. 

CFH Clearing can provide Brokers and Partners with our sophisticated ClearVision back-office and risk management solutions. Allowing Brokers to manage their own risk exposure more effectively and increase profitability. Read more.

Larger more established brokers with proprietary back office systems can connect to CFH via the Back Office API. Read more.


Funds and Investment Managers

Best Execution

Tight, transparent pricing has a major impact on a Fund Manager´s performance. With more than US$1.5 Billion in interbank credit lines, CFH Clearing is one of the largest and most respected interbank STP venues in the market. We connect to all Tier 1 banks globally and allow our clients to trade with those banks through their prime broker of choice or via a margin account held with CFH Clearing.

Purpose built Technology

CFH Clearing’s ClearPro is one of the most advanced, yet easy to use professional FX trading platforms on the market. It is specifically designed for fund managers and professional traders with a particular focus on:

  • Fast execution from multiple banks – Sub-10 milliseconds execution time from multiple banks
  • State-of-the-art back office
  • Allocation Management Module – Block trading (PAMM)
  • The ability to monitor trading in real time
  • Auto % hedging, trade and price alerts and intra-day P&L risk controls
  • Trade reports and statements

Regulation and Protection of Funds

CFH Clearing is a matched principal broker and as such is unable to hold financial instruments for our own account.

Our main transaction accounts are held with HSBC.

Our annual accounts are audited by UK auditors KPMG.


Proprietary Traders

CFH Clearing gives professional and proprietary traders the choice of a variety of industry leading trading platforms.
CFH Clearing recognises that all traders are not the same, thus we offer a variety of tools to suit your needs. 

AS one of the top prime of prime players in the world, CFH Clearing offers proprietary traders a custom liquidity solution to meet your trading requirements.
Trade with transparent and fast execution, allowing all trades to aggregate into 1 prime of prime margin account. Read more.


CFH Clearing - A Trustworthy, Secure and Reliable Partner

Expand your business and revenue potential by offering your referred clients a first rate trading experience and superior customer support

Introduce with Confidence!

CFH Clearing (which is FCA regulated; FCA Registration Number 481853) is a respected and trusted partner to over 100 Introducing Brokers worldwide. With our extensive product offering, cutting edge technology and vastly experienced team, we have gained a very well regarded reputation in the financial industry.

CFH Clearing has established an Introducing Broker (IB) program designed to remunerate introducer’s based on trading revenue generated. There is no limitation on the amount of permitted clients that can be introduced nor revenue earned.

A low barrier to entry combined with a highly competitive volume based rebate structure makes CFH Clearing ideal for introducer’s of all sizes. Business Partners are entitled to earn a pre- agreed % share of commission that is generated from directly introduced clients.